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We are Berg & Williams

Chartered Accountants, Business Advisors & Digital Marketers

We provide advice and support to individuals and ambitious businesses. Technology is at the heart of everything we do. We deliver modern, cost-effective accountancy, taxation, marketing and business advisory services using the latest innovations.

Strategy & Growth

Drawing on our experience and expertise, we can help you grow, develop and extend your reach.

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Cloud Technology

As cloud technology experts we can design solutions, train your team and drive efficiency and growth in your business.

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Accounts & Bookkeeping

Focus on serving your clients and growing your business whilst we manage your records and keep you informed.

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Tax & Compliance

We’ll keep you compliant, manage your liabilities and support you when the tax authorities want to know more.

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International Taxation

We have deep expertise in expatriate and international taxation issues for cross-border employers or individuals.

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Employment Solutions

Employment can be complex. We can assist with a wide range of employment taxation, remuneration and HR issues.

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Business Development

If you require assistance on a single project, issue or concern our experienced management consultants can assist.

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Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing professionals will help design and implement effective campaigns for growth.

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Why are we different?


You and your business are unique. That’s what makes it a success. That’s also why you need accountancy and consulting services which are bespoke to you. We don’t do off the shelf packages and we don’t do templates. Our services are tailored to you, delivered to a transparent (and fixed) budget.


All of our team are carefully chosen for their ability to spot trends, identify problems and spy opportunities. And we’re not shy about sharing what we see with our clients. We love nothing more than a good conversation with our clients, setting out our ideas, concerns and thoughts.


There’s nothing worse than seeking advice and leaving more confused than when you arrived. Advice is useless if it is not practical, straightforward and easy to implement. We reserve our technical discussions for our coffee breaks and go to great lengths to ensure our services are delivered simply and effectively.

Latest News and Insight

Employed or Self Employed? The dental debate reignites (again)

Employed or Self Employed? The dental debate reignites (again)

With an article published in The Times on Monday ( the smouldering concerns regarding ongoing HMRC investigations into the self-employment status of a group of dental surgeons has

Non-Resident CGT – Mission Creep

Non-Resident CGT – Mission Creep

The Non-Resident Capital Gains Tax Regime (NRCGT) was introduced by HMRC to ensure that taxable gains on UK residential property received by non-resident individuals or companies was suitably
Partner Spotlight: Zegal

Partner Spotlight: Zegal

Nearly all professions and areas of business are enjoying disruption by tech start-ups finding innovative solutions to problems that were once complex and costly. Law is no exception. Enter
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