Do you suffer with paper payslips, slow payroll services and unclear pay and pension information?

Paying your staff should be easy. With us, it is.

When businesses employ staff they worry about the quality of their team, nurturing their staff and providing an excellent service to customers.

Paying them the right amount on time, in an easy way should be a given.

Unfortunately for many businesses, it isn’t. That’s why our payroll services are designed from the ground up to be fully online, easily accessible, accurate and timely.

Your staff can focus on the job, and you can focus on growing your business.

Modern Online Payroll

Our cloud payroll system ensures your team can access their pay information anytime, anywhere, from any device through digital payslips and online document stores.

Hassle Free Pensions

Don't worry about auto-enrolment pension duties or fines. Our automated systems cover everything for new employees, changes to circumstances and leavers.

Why is it important?

Employers have more responsibilities than ever in ensuring they pay their employees the right amount, report everything to HMRC on time and ensure pensions are operated correctly.

Getting payroll wrong can lead to big fines and big headaches, as well as disgruntled staff.

Getting payroll right reduces stress, keeps staff happy and allows you to manage your costs.

World Class Security

Military grade encryption and security technologies ensure your team's personal data is safe and sound. And being based online, you don't need to worry about backups or disasters.

Track Leave Online

Allow your employees and managers to submit and track leave requests online. Control entitlements, approve requests and easily review absence across your team.