Are you concerned about the tax impact of a big life event, such as purchasing a property, selling a business or changes in your family?

Don't be caught out.

Buying or selling a business. Moving home. Investing for your retirement. Separating from your partner.

We often don’t give tax much thought during life’s big events.

However, tax obligations and liabilities can emerge from unexpected places, and failing to meet your obligations or pay your liabilities can have serious consequences.

We help clients navigate the tax consequences of complex transactions and events, ensuring they are compliant and have peace of mind.

Extensive Experience

We have experience of a wide range of transactions and issues across a wide variety of clients. Broad experience combined with deep technical expertise ensures comprehensive and considered advice.

Agile Advisors

With tax specialists in-house, in place of relying on external experts, we can provide comprehensive advice quickly and on tight deadlines.

Why is it important?

Making a big decision about your business, retirement, family home or other areas without considering the tax implications can lead to unexpected tax liabilities and other costs.

In addition, correcting errors after an event is often difficult and opportunities to make decisions regarding tax are often lost. In some cases, one small change to a contract, agreement or proposed course of action can save thousands or more in tax.

Seeking and acting on quality advice when considering big changes or transactions is essential to saving money and avoiding complications.

Our Complex Transactions Tax Services

  • Buying or Selling your Business
  • Buying or Selling Property
  • Managing Pensions and other Investments
  • Divorces and Separations
  • General Tax Planning
  • HMRC Investigations and Enquiries

Pragmatic Advice

Whilst we get excited by tax, we understand it's pretty niche. That's why we don't let the 'tax tail wag the dog'. Our advice provides practical steps or important considerations without confusion or distraction.

Specialist Advisors

Our tax practitioners are specialists in their fields, with decades of experience across a wide range of business areas and sectors. Our clients benefit from dedicated expertise. For us, tax isn't an after thought.