Do you worry about paying bills? Do you avoid looking at your bank balance? Do you rely on short-term credit for your business?

Manage your cash, grow your profits.

On average, only 50.8% of UK small businesses are cash positive in any given month (Mar 2018 to Mar 2019, Xero SBI UK).

Negative cashflow not only causes anxiety and stress. It often leads to short-term, poor business choices and in extreme cases can causes businesses to fail.

Many viable and otherwise successful businesses struggle with managing their cash. That’s where we come in: we work with clients to forecast their cashflow, understand their figures and improve their cash position.

Better Decisions

Make better, and quicker, decisions on things like investment by understanding your likely cash position in the future.

Improve Your Income

Allow us to help you implement modern payment methods, such as Direct Debit, and improve your incoming cash significantly.

Why is it important?

Running low on cash reserves increases costs, as reliance on short-term and expensive credit to fund bills increases. In extreme cases, otherwise viable businesses can run out of cash, and fail.

Developing an understanding of your cashflow, and forecasting your cash, is essential to minimising credit costs, and making earlier and more informed decisions about your business.

You’ll probably sleep better too.

Save Money

Avoid or lower your use of high cost credit such as overdrafts or credit cards by better understanding your future cash position.

Reduce Stress

Most of the stress relating to cash doesn’t stem from low balances, but rather a lack of understanding. Understanding your cash flows reduces stress and anxiety.